Special case pages

Special case sides are Paid4 pages, loose pages, begging sides, Force-click Sites, scene pages. Here I present you partner with whom it does not matter which side you operate.


1. AdProfi

Adprovi paid for Text Link View, Button View, Banner View, Banner click Skybannerview, Traffic, Forcedtextlink, Forcedbanner, Paidmail, and pop-up campaigns.
Payout limit 10 €

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2. Ad2Clix

If you are 17 Ad2Clix different forms of advertising are available: From Banner, Button, Textlink- views and clicks to Paidmails, Forcedbanner, Traffic.
The Auszahlgrenze only 2 €
Payments usually come within 48 hours.
Since Ad2Clix accommodates all sides, it is also interesant Special Scene pages.

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3. Sponsor Ads

Sponsor Ads is a very long time on the market.
There you have many advertising options available such as Layer, banner clicks or text links.
The Auszahlgrenze is 10 €
For a disbursement Sponsor Ads takes 14 days on average.

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