PPC Pay per Click


PPC Pay per Click

In the pay per click method, you will get paid for every click on a banner.

On this page you can see an example of the „In text“ advertising of Adiro.

1. The most common alternative to Google Adsense is Contaxe.

Contaxe is currently sold and the future is uncertain. Therefore, I would wait here first“ !!!
Contaxe also works with context-sensitive advertising. There are both text and graphics and Flash banners. Moreover Contaxe also offers InText feature.
The Auszahlgrenze at Contaxe is 50 €

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2. Adklick

With currently 106 partner programs AdKlick belongs to the midsize affiliate networks

Since 2001 on the market
clearly arranged
high click-compensation

Payout limit is 15 €

Advertising: Sale / Lead / Banner Clicks

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