Pop Ups

Popups are separate browser windows, which are equipped with advertising messages.


1. Schaltplatz.de

Once you have logged on you and your website Schaltplatz.de have created can share their advertising space. Here you can abort by TKB. CPM means thousand contact price, ie the remuneration for 1000 advertising media impressions.
Payment limit is 30 €

Click here for free registration.

2. BinLayer

Bin Layer offers the following forms of advertising:

Layer ad: Klas Safe layer that lies over the site
HybridAd: The HybridAd is a combination of layer ad and PopAd. In addition to the Layer So even a pop-up is displayed. This increases the CPM namely by 50%, but is for the website visitors also clearly annoying
PopAd: This is to block-resistant PopDowns which open in the background as soon as the website visitors interact with the website.

Payment limit 15 €

Click here for free registration.




Usemax offers the following options to make money:

Layer-Ads – 2-4 € remuneration for 1000 views
Bannerviews – 1 € for 1000 views

Video Player – 1 € for 1000 views
Performance campaigns – most recently with campaigns Sale / Leads

Payment limit 20 €

Click here for free registration.


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