Mobile Ads


Mobile Ads

Today so much is done with the tablet or smartphone as we should of course also talk about Advertising Mobile Ads. In this sector too there is something of Google. Where it is in the „normal desktop“ page Google Adsense, it is in the Mobile area Admob. But as with Adsense and you can of course be averted even with Admob. And just as quickly as with Adsense. But of course there is the Mobile area also very good alternatives that I present to you here.


1. Leadbolt

Leadbolt was founded in Sydney in 2010 and is one of the most famous alternatives to Google’s Admob.

Facts about Leadbolt

  • over 10 various. forms of advertising
  • almost all languages / countries are supported
  • own support forum
  • relatively high Auszahlgrenze
  • not for erotic
  • Payout limit is € 75
Click here for free registration.


2. CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue is the „VIP“ among affiliate for erotic because on CrakRevenue only selected programs are used.

You can filter the currently running campaigns by countries and does so very quickly, which are also suitable for German websites.

The remuneration of the advertising campaigns carried out, depending on the partner program on Lead, Sale- or revenue share basis.

Info / Facts

– Only selected programs for use

– High remuneration

– Mature Statistics

– Very good support

– Negative is that the page is only available in English

Here it goes directly to the application

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