Here all affiliate partners are listed for the International Space. Are very suitable for English-language websites.

1. Revenuehits

Revenue Hits is an English-language network, the MyAdWise of the Ltd. is out of Israel. Mentioned in the English language network marketed worldwide traffic and offers a 100% utilization in all countries. Therefore, it makes sense to also for the German space.

I use it myself on another side and am very happy with it, and the payouts arrive always reliable.

Promotional Products: Here Revenue Hits offers a wide selection of the following forms of advertising, which is called the marketers ‚Placements‘:

Banner (many sizes)
Shadow box
Top banner
158×21 button
Revenue Hits already pay from an amount of $ 20 via PayPal or Payoneer.

The bottom line is Revenue Hits  worth a try. The registration is free of charge.

Here it goes directly to Revenue Hits



Chitika is one of the largest international alternatives to Adsense. Chitika works the same as Adsense in principle.

Chitika works well for webmasters who also traffic from non-German-speaking countries. Because it is paid traffic from the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, UK and USA.

Minimum payout only 7.5. Thus, also very good for small sites.

Here it goes directly to Chitika ….



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