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Bitte nichts mehr in MAPS investieren!!! Auszahlungen kommen nur noch sporalisch.

Make money without your own homepage – My Advertising pays

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Normally, I do not believe in such systems, but this system is different. I have tested it for you and can recommend you. But preliminary … It is not a program where you will be rich overnight or anything else with incredible dubious promises!

This system is also available for those who do not have their own website. With this system it is possible to earn without any additional aid money. It’s really very simple. Best You look first at this video.

With over 200,000 active users My Advertising pays has grown rapidly in December-2013. This system pays out 95% of their revenues.

In the system you have to every day 10 commercials look a certain period, usually 10-30Sec. This one earns his money. The more credit packs you have, the more money you can earn. “If you can click a mouse, then you can earn money with us.” This is the testimony of My Advertising Pays.

The market at My Advertising pays the online advertising market which also Google, Facebook or Twitter make billions revenues. Profits are distributed with all partners, who bought a package and visited 10 websites advertising every 20 minutes.

Your responsibilities in this system are very simple. 3 simple steps for a secure and stable income with My Advertising Pays – Buy one or more packages. Click 10 advertisements daily for a period of 10-30 seconds and you get your daily profit shares. More is not. You can give any.



Here you can sign up ….



A Credit Pack costs 49,99Dollar. For each package you get 60Dollar again through the 10 clicks a day. Pro Credit Pack you get per day about 0.5 to 0.75 € cents. The more packs you therefore has, the more I be generated for the day. For example, 20 packs I already get per day 10-15 dollars. That sound’s good.

That sounds too good to be true? Yes it is. Test it easy for 30 days without any risk.

Many systems come and go, but My Advertising Pays wants to build something long-term and has made precise mathematical calculations we may have a maximum of 1200 credit packs and there is a reserve fund. Even if all the members want to suddenly pay the money this is possible, according to MAP.

Optimal is in my opinion an entry with 20 credit packs. Are which expired one should invest by winning again in order to build something. Quasi as the compounding effect. Of course you can also start with less, then it takes hold only longer.

I was convinced of this system and I can only recommend. Check it out at your leisure and convinced yourselves. Man is not in one year to a millionaire but you can make good money on the side. The more you invest, the more you get out.

Check it out …


Here you can also get an Android app . With this app you can log in and easily take care of his 10 clicks a day . Of course, for free .

MAP Download

Finally, 2 Example calculations:

You invest in 10 credit packs, so $ 500 makes diligently every day your 10 clicks. After 3 years, you can then you pay $ 450 every month. The more you invest, the faster it comes naturally. But I think 10-20 Packs are a very good start.
If you buy at a stroke 100 packs, ie about 5000 dollars invested, and her for 90 days (as long as Credit Packs are valid) clicks every day, you can watch pay about 600 dollars. In my opinion, it makes more sense again to invest in new packs.
You can max. Have 1200 credit packs … you should have one gets per day !!! 600 dollars or dollars a month about 18000th

Should you have any questions about My Advertising Pays does not hesitate to write to me. I’ll help you where I can. Just Click here and write me….

Here you can sign up ….

Overview what to do

  1. Register here for Maps ….
  2. Open SolidTrustPay account & Watch video (instructions)
  3. Alternatively -> VX Gateway Account Open
  4. Buy Credit Packs and make daily 10 clicks



16.12.2015 I have Register in My Advertising Pays

16.12.2015 I have $ 1,350 invested, bought 27 credit packs

14.01.2016 I bought the basic membership for 1 year

22.02.2016 In the screenshot you see my current state. 49 Credit Packs 1264 $ Proft Share Earnings. I can buy every 2nd day a new Credit Pack.


11.07.2016  MAP still runs fine. Payments also work wonderfully. See the screenshot. So start NOW.


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