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Please nothing to invest in FAP !!! Payments are very poor.

Please have a look at MAPS. The payouts work great and fast

Fort Ad Pays FAP – earn money by clicking on Ads

2016-03-05 13_56_02-SportFort Ad Pays FAP is a very interesting alternative to MAP My Advertising Pays. The systems are very similar. Both should buy “packs” and then click on banner and thereby to make money. The differences between the two systems, however, is the insert. With MAPS should start already with starting capital around 1000 € since MAPS a Credit Pack already $ ca.50 costs. In Fort Ad Pays FAP a pack costs only $ 1 and a pack generates $ 2.2 always.

So invest $ 1 and $ 2.2 generate. Of these, $ 2.2, 50% in the cash balance and the other 50% in the Re-Purchase Balance.


This has advantages for both sides:

The user gets much faster recover his money and can buy new packs.
By 50% for FAP FAP can calculate better and every day to pay 2%.


Here is a description in the language Itali

Here are more facts about FAP Fort Ad Pays

  • Fort Ad Pays is originally from Spain and has been very well established in Spain and the Latin American region.
  • In Germany it is still not very common, but is now strongly in coming.
  • Minimum deposit 10 $
  • Payouts are up to 4 times a day possible. Monday to Friday Maximum 3200 $
  • you can Deposit with Payza, Perfect Money and 2pay4you
  • Since 11.11.2014 at the start and now has over 150,000 users.
  • Every day sign up to several 1000 users.
  • One can also pay between Member only
  • You have to look only 8 banners per day. Not 10 like MAPS
  • One can have a maximum of 300,000 packs, which then corresponds to $ 300,000th
  • There is a commission plan, it tells your friends and get in step 1 -> 8%, Level 2 -> 4%, level 3 2% and 1% level 4-10 always

The system

In FAP Fort Ad Pays is a Credit Pack (cost 1 $) $ 2.2. That means there are a whopping 120% profit per pack. In this day of 2% will be paid per pack. That is now it will take 110 days to a pack which reached $ 2.2. Then you have done in 110 days 120% profit. The good is the pack as quickly generate new money that you very quickly rises with his pack number.

120% profit making sure everyone aback, which can hold no system. Therefore FAP says that you have to invest 50% per pack again. This corresponds then now that one of these generated $ 2.2 -> 1.1 $ to invest new and can be can be $ 1.1 theoretically pay. But what even a gain of as much as 10% corresponds !!! Where else do you get to 110 days 10%?

This one has 50% reinvest is of course the highlight of FAP. This guarantees that there will be the system for a long time and you can not just cash out everything themselves.


Calculation example FAP against MAP

MAP My Advertising Pays

  • We buy at My Advertising Pays 5 packs, so invest $ 250. In MAP 1% are daily distributed (ie per pack ca.0,5 $), making $ 2.5 at 5 packs. So we have to wait 20 days until we a new pack can buy. Until then, we must nevertheless make every day the 10 clicks.

FAP Fort Ads Pays

  • We also buy here for $ 250 pack, ie 250 pieces. With a dividend of 2% per day, we get here a day per pack $ 0.02 -> So does 250 pack $ 5. Of these 5 $ 5 we can buy new packs every day.



Both systems are similar, abeiten according to the same principle. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Since I can not imagine me but not everyone immediately available min. $ 1,000 has, Fort Ads Pays offers itself. In addition, with FAP the payout is also twice as high and you have to make only 8 clicks per day. Nevertheless My Advertising Pays is far from being a worse system. Here you should but if you get in already min. $ 1,000 to invest. Then you can achieve very good results with MAP’s.

I hope I could you represent both systems understanding. For further questions I like to write on or write it in the comments.

Here you can sign up for FAP Fort Ads Pays

Here you get further information about again MAP’s My Advertising Pays

Here I have an Android app with FAP for you. Looks you to you. —> Click

My Timeline

15.04.2016 I registered in FAP and I bought 649 credit pack.


Screen1-Der Anfang ohne allesScreen3-Kaufen-von-649-CreditPacksScreen4-649CreditPacks-auf-konto























16.04.2015 After only 24 hours I have already more than 10 $ – The I immediately reinvested in new packs. I do that every day now. Thus I have already 659 packs.

Screen7-Konto-nach-24-stundenneue-kaufen-deutsch-10xnach1Tag-659 Credit Packs


19/04/2016 After only 4 days I have already made over $ 43 profit. I have already 693Packs. It runs!!!

2016-04-19 21_35_26-Microsoft Edge





















23.05.2016 After a month here again new news from my account. Meanwhile, I have over 170 $ on my account and tomorrow requested my first payment today. After about one hour, the money was already on it. The limit is currently still at $ 10 a day.

fap fap1


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