Books Videos Aids


Books Videos Aids

Every beginning is difficult, so I have here for you a few select tools for beginners as well as for affiliate professionals. So are you thinking of the money on the Internet much easier.

1. Affiliate Guide

The Affiliate Guide

For newcomers, as well as already active affiliate marketers who want to rearrange your affiliate marketing business.

103 pages professional information, techniques, detail explaining exactly presented with many screenshots! This professional information is divided into 45 lessons!

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2. Die „Affiliate-Webinar Blackbox


The non plus ultra Box …

– The „Affiliate Webinar black box“ of Ralf Schmitz
– You do not need any technical knowledge in a few hours running your own webinar system
– Great strategy – & starter pack including page templates.
– 15 ready-made video Webinar templates (20% + conversion)
– 4 more Webinar templates (30% + conversion)
– Ready to use email sequences for all webinars (tested over 1 year and extremely optimized)
– 7 checklists
– Insider Strategy (Hammer!)
– Bonus „The Split Test Master Course“ (value € 97)
– No my website needed -> Immediate Start!

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3. Affiliate Lifestyle System

Affiliate Life System

– Affiliate marketing and residual income for everyone, whether 13 or 83 years
– Fix-and-ready business-in-a-box concept, incl .:
– Over 90 pre-landing pages to -5- getesten and high converting products
– Finished, geteste follow-up email series – incl. -15- Getester Products
– In the premium segment:. + 1 follow-up email series – incl -9- additional products
– AFL Traffic Kickstarter Course – (Upsell I)
– AFL WP Speed Starter (WP Basic Course) + Email Rocket (WP plugin) – (Upsell II)
– AFL Club (monthly -1- new, tested product, including follow-up email series + landing pages.) – (Upsell III)

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