Betrug Scam

BEWARE of scams!!!!

There’s a new trick. On Telegram, a „William“ advertises having put a script on casino sites and winning the jackpot with a certain combination.
This also works, but the profit is never paid out!!!
You should deposit around €50 so that you can spin the “combination”. Then you win around €2000
In order to want to pay it out, you must be a beginner user and have deposited at least €120.
Then you should get the winnings paid out. Here I then chose the payment with paypal. For a payment with paypal you should pay another 9% fee, which you should also pay in again. That’s another €250. So, now the payment should run and you should wait. When asked where the money is then comes that you have given a wrong e-mail address and the money now has paypal. You have to pay a fee to get it back.
All in all I paid over 1000€. I can’t pay by credit card. I could only pay with Bitcoin or Etherium.
This „William“ and the fake casino sites are linked and ripping people off and the police can’t do anything.
The money is gone!!! At some point you will be blocked from the chat and no longer have the opportunity to contact them.
I also reported it to the police, but after 3 weeks I received the mail that the proceedings had been discontinued!!!
Have any of you experienced this or something similar?
Feel free to write in the comments.

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