Remuneration in partner programs carried out on commission per lead or sale.
Declaration „Lead“ and „Sale“

Lead: commission payment for mediation of complete records. For the commission claim it is not important whether the prospects of an insurance policy is actually completed
Sale: commission payment will be made only when you completion / sale of insurance


1. Backlingseller (TIPP)

Another great way to your site to make money is baking Ling sellers. BackLingSeller is very easy to use. You are applying with your site, inserts code into your site and that was about it. After a short time back Lings be booked and turned over baking Ling sellers. The operation is fully automatic.

You can also use Backlingseller course for the other way and buy back Lings, or simply use your credit from the baking Lings sold. Back Lings are very important for your projects.

I myself am also in Backlingseller and it works really well. The payouts (from 20 €) come very quickly. From my full recommendation.

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2.1  TarifCheck24

In TariCheck24 can apply everything to do with tariffs, such as Auto insurance, pensions, health insurance, etc.
Remuneration 2.00 to 65.00 Euro per comparison / Sale
Payout limit: 10 €
In addition, you get through this link for another 5 € initial credit.
TarifCheck24 offers high commissions for leads / comparisons.

Click here for free registration.


2.2  Check24

Check24 and tariff check or insurance partner program is a company.
In Check24 more things like electricity, gas, DSL or mobile phone rates are compared. Because there are things that everyone needs the chance of leads and sales are very high.
Remuneration 2.00 to 65.00 Euro per comparison / Sale
Again, you get paid on the link € 10.
Payout limit: 10 €

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3. Adcell

Adcell is an established affiliate network, which is run by the First Lead GmbH from Berlin.
There are a total of nearly 900 partner programs at Adcell. Very good range.
Payment limit 25 €
Very serioser provider …

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4. AuxMoney

Auxmoney is a mediation service for loans from the owners. You as a partner occur in this case as an intermediary and are rewarded handsomely:

First, there is already paid 10.00 euros for the (of course free) application!
for a mediated credit inquiry there are at least 21,00 Euro
and an additional 1% of the loan amount (for example, these are the case of a loan amount of EUR 12,000 after all again 120,00 Euro additionally)
for the placement of investments gets the Webmaster flat rate 10,00 EUR

Minimum payout € 25
Another plus is the cookie duration to 365 days

Click here to subscribe for free + 10 € initial credit


The Portal of one of the largest in the area of finance.
In there top commissions of up to 80 € per lead and up to 170 € per sale. Cookie duration are good 90 days.
Because there is no Auszahlgrenze at do you get for a lead or sale commission.
There are a wide range of advertising media and a very good support.

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